People define Fashion as it is about dresses. In fact it is everywhere because it is a way of life for each of us. We express our self and ideas through it.  In my opinion, I see that fashion is a combination between design and art. If we get wider, we could see that every brand has it is unique art reflect and design. For example Cartier is famous by its leopard theme, and channel with it is elegant pearly theme. Prada has it is special in there floral eyewear, and their formal bags.

There are many several brands around the world, and every single brand has its different touch on dresses, shoes, burses, and sunglasses. By days new brands come to the fashion world and come with new ideas that attract people. Ladies are more concerned because most things are feminine. This blog is all about handbags found to entertain females from different ages. I hope it gets your admiration and you find your interests in it.

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